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Fun and practical materials for ESL & Language Arts

The Learning Light is delighted to recommend the following ESL materials, which are available for purchase though an association with Amazon.com.

Picture This!  by Laurie Johnson is a wonderful resource for any Basic ESL teacher. Each of the 30 thematic units presents new vocabulary words with cartoon pictures. There are hand-outs for puzzles, quizzes, and oral dictations, and recommendations for teaching grammar. The lessons are appropriate to use with both teenagers and adults. Picture This! can be used to structure a year-long ESL program, or to enhance your existing curriculum.

The New Oxford Picture Dictionary  (English/ Spanish version) by Norma Shapiro and Jayme Adelson-Goldstein, is a fascinating reference to everyday vocabulary. Over 3,700 words are illustrated in full color and grouped into thematic areas. The bilingual editions present the second language word in blue underneath the English word. A great tool for learning either English or Spanish.

The Oxford Picture Dictionary for Kids   (English/ Spanish version) by Joan Ross Keyes, teaches everyday vocabulary, with emphasis on contexts that are of interest to children. The illustrations are engaging, and the same characters appear throughout, so it seems more like a picture book story than a dictionary. Fun to read for both adults and kids!

Rock n' Learn Spanish   is ideal for children and older learners with a sense of fun. The audio program uses upbeat rhythms and music to teach vocabulary and expressions in Spanish and English, and the companion booklet lets you read along. Although marketed to Spanish learners, the bilingual format makes it work for ESL, too. Great reinforcement for basic vocabulary and expressions.

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