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New Pricing Structure for Organizations

Individual Copies

New Pricing Structure

The Spanish that Works Course Kit Contains Two Parts:

1) Spanish that Works for You - Course Text Workbook

This 265 page perfect-bound book includes the explanations of basic vocabulary and essential structures for Spanish conversation found in all the versions of Spanish that Works.  The regular retail cost of the book on Amazon is $34.95.

 The discount structure is as follows if you purchase the books directly The Learning Light:

5 – 9 books: 35% off the list price, or $22.71 per book.

10 books or more: 45% off list price, or $19.22 per book.

Shipping within the continental United States is free on bulk orders for educators and libraries.

2)  Specialty Supplement - Reproducible Course Materials

These materials, available as pdf files, include vocabulary reference sheets, cut-out flashcard pages, and sentence building activities to reinforce application of essential structures in a specific context.

Specialty supplements are available for community (for travelers or those in bilingual communities), library (for librarians and library staff), school (for teachers and school staff), and court (for city court employees). 

The supplemental pdf files include a license to make free of charge one copy of all the supplemental materials per each text workbook that is purchased directly from The Learning Light. 

The various community supplemental materials may be purchased from our account on TeachersPayTeachers.   The library, school, and court modules are not yet available on TeachersPayTeachers, but may be purchased directly from the Learning Light for $99 per module (includes all necessary reference sheets, cut-out flashcards, and sentence builders that you need to run a workshop or class).

Organizations and instructors in business for themselves that are NOT using the course text (only suitable for an intro workshop), may copy the supplemental materials at $5 per copy. Teachers who purchase materials from TeachersPayTeachers may copy the supplemental materials for non-commercial use in their public or private school classroom.

3) Optional: Spanish that Works Audio CD

This audio CD covers pronunciation of the basic* (essential) vocabulary words from the Spanish that Works course.

Individual copies of the audio CD may be purchased for $10 each, plus shipping & handling (minimum charge $5; multiple copies ship USPS priority flat rate).  The library audio CD may also be copied free of charge - one copy per each text workbook purchased directly from The Learning Light.  Organizations and instructors not using the course text may copy the audio CD for $5 per copy.

*There is a special audio CD for Libraries that includes library-specific vocabulary

4) Optional: Bee Bilingal DVD's of Spanish that Works Community Television Program

This video series of the course done live-to-tape for community television may be purchased from for $99 plus shipping for a set of four DVDs. Libraries using the course text workbook are licensed to show and make copies of the DVDs.

 How to Purchase

Organizations and instructors in business for themselves may pay through purchase order & check or via PayPal. 

Send us an email with the shipping and billing information, including  purchase order number if you have one. Our email address is: You should receive a confirmation that your order was received within one to two business days.  In most cases, we can get your materials to you within ten days of your order.  

You may also mail a purchase request to: The Learning Light LLC; 333 Lewis Avenue; Billings, MT, 59101. For more information, call our toll-free number: 1-866-391-8901, or send an email.

Organizations and Instructors with the Original Course Kit

Welcome back!

As you know, Spanish that Works™ was formerly sold as a course kit, reproducible on a per-copy license basis. 

Spanish that Works for You is a course text workbook with all the basic vocabulary and structures that are ESSENTIAL to Spanish (book, where, is, etc.).  The SPECIFIC vocabulary words (circulation desk, homework, driver's license, chicken soup) are on pull-out reference sheets.  The course text workbook may be purchased through and, or on short-run order through The Learning Light (volume discounts apply).  With the new technology and volume discount, the course text workbook may be printed and shipped to you for less expense and hassle than it will probably take you to make the copies. Then you only have to make copies of the supplemental handouts, flashcards, sentence builders, and optional CD.

Organizations and instructors who purchased the reproducible kit in the past may continue to pay the license fee (now reduced to $10 per copy, including the audio CD) or may switch to the new model.  

You do not need to re-purchase the supplemental handouts if you already own the kit; just request the updates and we will send them to you free of charge.

Depending on your situation, you may prefer to keep using the original model, or switch to the new one.  You can email us at or call toll free 1-866-391-8901 and we will help you figure out what will work best for you!

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