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A creative, functional approach to basic communication in Spanish

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It’s practical.  Spanish that Works™ is an innovative curriculum in conversational Spanish that gives you a working knowledge of Spanish for practical purposes. The course is designed to help service professionals or other adult learners in the United States communicate with Spanish-speaking customers, patrons, students, and community members. You learn what you need to learn and you learn it well.

It’s simple.  For every new word there's a guide that shows English speakers how to pronounce Latin American Spanish, so you learn how to say things correctly.  Structures and activities are explained in English, so you can focus your energy on learning how to speak. Grammar is pared down and vocabulary is limited so you build fluency with what you are learning.

It’s fun. The materials and approach are engaging and enjoyable. You role-play real life interactions with a partner, using flashcards and simple dialogues, in an environment which is familiar and comfortable. You feel successful in your experience, which builds your confidence and motivates you to keep learning more.

It fits your schedule.  The basic course can be completed in as little as two hours a week for eight weeks.  Your primary homework is to practice the vocabulary between lessons, and in-class work centers around meaningful, conversational practice, so you feel like you're learning something that you can use right away.  

It’s for you.  Spanish that Works™ can be easily tailored to fit the needs of a group.  The curriculum can be customized with materials for librarians, school teachers, city court employees, or with specialty word lists you generate as the class is in progress, based on student need.  The explanations are thorough and teacher resources are available, so you can have someone from your own organization or community run an in-house Spanish class that is made for you.

It’s successful.  Spanish that Works™ has been successfully implemented in almost a hundred organizations in more than thirty different states.  See the clients page for a list of the libraries, schools, churches, and individual instructors that have purchased our materials. 

For an overview of the topics covered in the course, please see the basic outline.  For other topics, see the frequently asked questions.

Spanish that Works™ Products

NEW WEBSITE AT SPANISH THAT WORKS ORG! Spanish that Works for You course textbook on demand from for individuals or on short-run orders for organizations (volume discounts available). Supplemental course materials, video lessons from a community television program, and audio cd also available.

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Spanish that Works™ is a fun and practical curriculum for teaching basic Spanish that can be customized to fit the needs of any group. 

Supplemental specialty module pages and support materials for library, school, city court, and community are available. There is also an audio CD of the basic vocabulary that may be purchased separately for $15 (including shipping) within the continental United States.  There is a specialty audio CD for Library Spanish.  

Video Support The Spanish that Works™ "Bee Bilingual" community television program videos may be used by individuals studying on their on, or by organizations that do not have an instructor.  The DVD's may be shown at staff trainings and reproduced by organizations using Spanish that Works™ course text.  For more information, see the audiovisual page.

Customer Service Materials  Intro to basic Spanish for one-day group trainings for customer service professionals, available through our TeachersPayTeachers account.  Reference sheets from the Spanish that Works for You course cover basic customer service expressions.  Add community, school, court, or your own vocabulary lists to create a customized workshop. 

Note: Spanish that Works™ was formerly sold as a course kit, reproducible on a per-copy license basis.  Organizations and instructors who purchased the reproducible kit in the past may continue to pay the license fee (now reduced to $10 per copy, including the audio CD) or may switch to the new model.   Email us at or call toll 406-671-7622 for more information.

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