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Spanish that Works™ Audiovisual Support

Bee Bilingual!   Spanish that Works Lessons on Video (DVD)

This four disc series, done live-to-tape for community television, covers each of the sixteen lessons in the basic Spanish that Works course. 

Spanish that Works author and teacher Elizabeth Almann personally explains the basic structures presented in each lesson just as if you were sitting in class. You can use the videotapes in conjunction with any of the Spanish that Works courses, either as outside class reinforcement, or for independent study. 

The tapes are not fancy or high tech, but you will see and hear the basic information as if you had your own tutor. Videos may be freely copied and shown by libraries and U.S. school districts using the Spanish that Works for You textbooks or one of the earlier licensed versions. 

Cost of the set of four videos:

*$99 for a set purchased separately (includes shipping & handling within the continental U.S.).
*$80 for a set purchased by a library, school, church, or other organization in conjunction with the
Spanish that Works for You course textbooks (volume discounts for the books may apply, depending on the order).

Special notes on video orders:

We have an outside company make the videos, so it may take additional time to process video orders. 

Because the DVD medium is an evolving technology, not all forms of DVD recording media are compatible with all DVD players.  The irregularities depend on the programming of the individual DVD machine, so sometimes a DVD will play in an older machine, but not in a new one, and sometimes the reverse is true, depending on the DVD player manufacturer. 

The video company makes the DVD's on DVD-R, which is the most compatible with DVD players (about 93%).  The DVD’s should also be viewable on all PC’s with DVD capabilities. 

Organizations and instructors should test the DVD’s on their players prior to scheduling a group viewing or checking materials out to staff.

The DVD’s come with a money back guarantee if you are not able to use them in your equipment or are otherwise not satisfied with them for any reason.  We can also have the videos put on VHS is that will work better for you.

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