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Organizations such as libraries, school districts, city courts, and churches may purchase Spanish that Works for You and supplemental materials and run their own in-house classes or workshops. Independent teachers may also purchase the course textbooks and run their own classes.

Individuals wishing to take or hire an instructor for a Spanish that Works class in the following areas may contact:


Nicole Bryson
Orange Park, Florida

Includes Orange Park, St. Augustine,
Green Cove Springs



Theresa Livan
Orange Park, Florida

Includes Orange Park, St. Augustine,
Green Cove Springs



Norma Grassini-Komara
Chicago Metropolitan Area

Includes Orland Park, Burr Ridge,
Palos Park, and other Chicago Suburbs



Elizabeth Almann
Billings, Montana

phone:  (406) 671-7622


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Teach Spanish On Your Own

Independent bilingual teachers planning to run classes in the United States may use the Spanish that Works textbooks to run their own classes. 

Successful.  Spanish that Works is an innovative program in beginning conversational Spanish that can be tailored to meet the needs of a group.  Students love the interactive, practical approach and feel a real sense of accomplishment with what they are learning. (See testimonials on the clients link.) By including Spanish that Works materials in the cost of your class, you add value to your course package and provide your students with a method of learning that has a proven track record.  

Ready to Go.  The method and materials are simple and teacher support materials are available, so individuals who are not professional language teachers can use the program successfully. If you are a Spanish teacher already, you will appreciate having a textbook that is comprehensive enough to provide structure for each lesson, yet basic enough to allow plenty of room for you to bring in your own ideas and activities. 

Rewarding.  Teaching Spanish is personally rewarding, but it's also a fun way to make extra income. You can purchase the textbooks at a discount so your students get more for their money.  The textbook is thorough, so your prep time minimal.  Even after expenses, you can make $45-$100 an hour, depending on your geographical area and the number of students per class. 

A Perfect Fit. You run your own show, so you can plan your classes to fit your own schedule. The basic course can be customized with special pull-out pages and flashcards to teach social Spanish for travel or every day, or to train customer service professionals such as librarians, teachers, city court, and others. The course can be streamlined or expanded, so you can use it for classes of varying lengths. (See basic outline for a general description of the course.)

Simple. There are no special certifications or franchise fees--just a high quality, effective course. You use the materials to teach, and the students learn quickly and have fun. You can make money as soon as you start your first class. It's that simple.

For More Information.  To learn more about this program, see the Spanish that Works, basic outline, teaching concepts, and frequently asked questions pages.  

To Get Started.  If you decide to use Spanish that Works, we can give you a volume discount on textbooks you purchase and resell to your students.  If you or your students are regularly purchasing the books, we can put your name, phone number, email address and a link to your website on this page.  If you don’t have your own website, you can put our web address on your flyers and other advertising, so prospective students can read more about the course online.  We can also give you suggestions on how to set up a successful business, including webpage, based on our own experience.

If you think Spanish that Works might work for you, call 1-866-391-8901 (406-671-7622), or send us an e-mail to: We look forward to serving you!

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