Spanish for Librarians and Staff, practical Spanish conversation class that works

An enjoyable and rewarding way to...

Embrace cultural diversity & increase Latino patronage
Improve customer service to Spanish-speaking patrons
Promote the professional growth of your staff
Be a leader in community outreach

Bee Bilingual!
Spanish that Works in the Library is an eight-week group training program that teaches librarians and library staff to speak essential Spanish for Libraries!

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About Spanish that Works for Libraries

Made for Libraries. Spanish that Works was originally written for librarians and library staff. The new 265 page updated course text workbook explains basic structures using a core vocabulary of library-related words (name, pencil, street, take, etc.).   Supplemental materials and activities introduce library-specific vocabulary (circulation desk, check-out, book drop) and reinforce application of essential structures in a library context. Spanish that Works is ideal for beginners, or for those who have studied grammar but want to learn how to speak.

Interactive.  Emphasis is placed on active participation in group and pair work, which includes practice with flashcards and dialogue role-play. Participants learn how to do practical things with the language, such as how to ask for a library card, guide patrons to materials, or determine if a situation requires a translator. The course works well in a small group setting, so each students gets plenty of individual attention. Library Spanish Intro Workshops can also be run in a large group setting.

Manageable. The entire course can be completed in as little as 16 hours, or about 2 hours per week for 8 weeks. There are no written tests, and you won't have homework conjugating verbs or answering questions. All you are asked to do is to review vocabulary and dialogues between lessons.  

Economical. Libraries may purchase the course text workbooks directly from The Learning Light at a volume discount. The reproducible Library supplemental materials, available in pdf format, are $99 and include a license to make free of charge one copy of the materials per each text workbook purchased. Libraries using the course text workbook may also purchase a master copy of the audio CD for $25 (includes shipping) and copy free of charge one CD per each student.

Flexible. Libraries doing large intro workshops may purchase the supplemental materials only and then copy them at $5 per student.  Large groups may purchase an individual copy of the text workbook for their instructor. There is also video support available for the course, which may be of help to rural library systems and other libraries that have difficulty getting all staff together for Spanish class. Libraries not using the course text may also copy the library audio CD for $5 per copy.

A Good Investment. Over 75 libraries in 30 different states have used Spanish that Works with great success and found it to be beneficial on many different levels. Staff members taking the course feel empowered to be able to better help Latino patrons. Bilingual staff teaching the course receive valuable experience and recognition for their skills. Spanish-speaking patrons feel more welcome in the library and can more easily use the library's services.  

For More Information.  For more information about Spanish that Works, go to the basic outline and frequently asked questions pages.  For information on volume discounts for the course text workbook, please visit the orders page.  

For products sold individually, see the Learn Spanish page on Spanish that Works ORG.

How to Purchase

Send us an email with the shipping and billing information, including purchase order number if you have one. Our email address is: You should receive a confirmation that your order was received within one to two business days.  In most cases, we can get your materials to you within ten business days of your order.  

You may also mail a purchase request to: The Learning Light LLC; 123 Lewis Avenue; Billings, MT, 59101. For more information, call 406-671-7622, or send an email.

For information on pricing for the group training package, go to Spanish that Works ORG.

Products for Individual Librarians

Spanish that Works for You - course text individual copy, available on Amazon and

Bee Bilingual! Community Television Videotapes. These videos (also available on DVD) work best with the course text workbook, but can also stand alone.  The DVD's may be reproduced under license, and may be shown by libraries using the group course or intro workshop.

You may find other useful materials on our free resources page. We also recommend the PLUS (Public Libraries Using Spanish) website, at

For recommended ESL products, please visit the English Within Reach page.

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