Spanish for Teachers and School staff, Spanish that Works

A unique approach for your school to...

Help kids who speak Spanish feel welcome
Improve communication with Spanish-speaking parents
Facilitate classroom management and keep kids on track
Provide an inservice course that the staff will love

Bee Bilingual!
Spanish that Works in School gives teachers and school staff the Spanish they need!

School-related. This course is for beginners, or for those who have studied grammar but want to learn how to speak. The newly revised and expanded text explains structures using a core vocabulary of basic words (name, pencil, street, take) and then provides practice with school things (English homework, science test), school places (classroom, cafeteria, office, bathroom), and school actions (read, listen, study, play).

Functional. Emphasis is placed on active participation in group and pair work, which includes practice with flashcards and dialogue role-play. Participants learn how to do practical things with the language, such as how to ask a student for the homework, tell a student what page something is on, or greet parents at open house.

Manageable. The group course can be completed in 16-24 hours, or 2-3 hours per week for 8 weeks. There are no written tests, and you won't have homework conjugating verbs or answering questions. All you are asked to do is to review vocabulary and dialogues between lessons.

Economical. The School kit gives you the license to make copies, at a cost much better than a conventional textbook. And since grammar is simplified, a bilingual staff member with group facilitation experience can successfully lead the course. Group pricing includes a teacher orientation to the materials and approach, and a license to make all necessary teacher materials.

NOTE: For products sold individually, please see the On Your Own page.

A Good Investment. Teachers and staff members taking the course love the hands-on approach and feel empowered by the information they are learning.  Spanish-speaking kids and their parents appreciate the extra attention, and the school gets the chance to demonstrate its commitment to cultural diversity.

For testimonials from schools and other organizations that have used Spanish that Works, please visit the clients link. You can also get a general idea of course content from the basic course outline and the frequently asked questions.  To read more about the approach, visit the concepts page.

For information on pricing for the inservice version of the course, please go to the orders link.

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