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Sometimes there will be more than one correct response. Remember that the vocabulary used in these exercises is based on the Spanish that Works™ course, and that usually the polite (usted) form is used instead of the intimate (tú) form. You may know other standard Spanish words which are also acceptable to use.


English Translations

1. Do you like (the) strawberries? (polite You form)
2. Yes, but I like (the) chocolate more.
3. My sister doesn’t like it much.
4. I’d like to go to the movie theater tonight.
5. Did you like the movie, Mrs. Villa? (polite You form)
6. We didn’t like the strawberries.
7. I don’t like you anymore. (intimate you form)
8. They like us a lot.

Spanish Translations

1. A mí me gustan las fresas.
2. ¿Le gusta el chocolate? (¿A usted le gusta el chocolate?)
3. A mis amigos les gusta mucho el chocolate.
4. Me gustaría aprender más español.
5. ¿Le gustó el chocolate? (¿A usted le gustó el chocolate?)
6. Sí, pero no me gustaron las fresas. 
7. ¿Te gusto, mi amor? 
8. Sí, mi amor.  Me gustas mucho.

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