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Want to train your staff to speak a little Spanish, and then provide them with the resources to learn more?

The Learning Light now offers a reproducible mini “intro workshop” kit, based on the complete reproducible course kit, which may be a good option for libraries who want to do a brief (probably one-time) training to introduce staff to Spanish and give them a few reference sheets they can use on the job. 

The Library intro workshop kit includes a master copy of the workshop reference sheets, license to make 20 copies of the reference sheets, one example copy of the reference sheets (can be used for instructor copy), the Spanish that Works teacher orientation video, and one copy of the library audio CD

You can use the materials to give everyone a basic introduction, and then provide follow-up with the complete course or community TV videotapes), for staff that are motivated to learn more.

Cost of the intro kit

Also recommended

Other information

Reference sheets in the intro workshop

*Library phrase lists & Dewey category hand-outs are available on the free page of the website.  You may print these out and include them in your workshop packets.

Follow-up options

Complete course

For groups (or if a number of staff will want to continue learning), the complete Spanish that Works in the Library course explains basic structures in an easy, step-by-step way. 

You get a master copy of the text, flashcards, and reference sheets, and your license lets you make a set number of student copies, plus as many teacher copies of the materials that you need.  You can make the student copies as you need them, and you can purchase licenses to make additional copies if you need more. 

Cost: Group course kits are $525 (15 copy license), $675 (30 copy license) and $1750 (100 copy license).  Additional license is $17 per copy up to 100 copies; after that it is $12 per copy. 

Library audio CD

For staff that want to practice listening to how the words are pronounced, the library audio CD includes:

Cost:$10 (plus $1, S & H) per each additional copy of CD that we make
        $5 for each license to copy the CD on your own (black & white CD labels available upon request)

Video support

For additional help, you may purchase a set of the Bee Bilingual! community television program videotapes.

This four tape series, done live-to-tape by Spanish that Works author and teacher Elizabeth Almann for community television, covers each of the sixteen lessons in the Spanish that Works for You generic course.  You can use the videotapes in as outside class reinforcement, or for independent study. The tapes are not fancy or high tech, but you will see and hear the basic information as if you were sitting in class. You can use the videotapes in conjunction with any of the Spanish that Works courses, either as outside class reinforcement, or for independent study. 

The videotapes may be copied by libraries using either the Spanish that Works course kit or intro workshop, and may be shown at group trainings.

Cost:  $97, including S & H, for set of four videos


You can use your licensing agreement to come up with a training package that fits your needs.  Here are some examples of what is possible. For help with choosing what is best for you, call us toll free at 866-391-8901.

Example Training Packages

Example #1:  Small library,  small budget


Total:  $180

Additional costs:  Printing, 5 blank CD’s, staff time

Example #2:  Three branches, staff to follow up


Total:  $986.95

Additional costs:  Workshop presenter fee (can be from your own community), printing, staff time, binders for course copies, blank videotapes as needed

Need help deciding what’s right for you?

Please email Elizabeth Almann at info@thelearninglight.com or call toll free 1-866-391-8901 with a description of your needs, and we will help you design a training package that fits your needs


Would you like a way for staff to be able to show what they have learned from Spanish that Works, and demonstrate how they are applying this knowledge in the library?

We have recently developed a simple self-assessment form called the “Bilingual Achievement Record” (that’s BAR for short).  Staff can use the BAR to document accomplishments in learning Spanish and use of Spanish at work.  

The journal portion of the BAR is included in both the Spanish that Works Library Intro Workshop and the Spanish that Works in the Library reproducible course kit.  It is also available on the free page of the website.

There is also a vocabulary assessment portion of the BAR that goes with the complete course and is included with the Spanish that Works in the Library reproducible kit. Libraries that purchased the course kit before the BAR was developed may contact Elizabeth Almann at info@thelearninglight.com or call toll free, 1-866-391-8901.

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