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How much do you remember?  Here is your chance to find out!

Write out the answers to these translation exercises, and check your work on the answers page (links below).  Answers are based on material taught in Spanish that Works™. 

NOTE: Usually the questions only use the polite forms usted (You) and su (Your), and not the “buddy-buddy” forms (you) and tu (your). The polite form is more appropriate for customer service situations, and simplifies the verb conjugations for the beginner. In this test, however, there are a couple of form questions because the content of the questions is intimate. The words “You” and “Your” are sometimes capitalized in Spanish that Works™ to tell you when you are using the polite form.

¡Buena suerte! (Good luck!)


Answers to Questions


Translate to English

1. ¿A usted le gustan las fresas?
2. Sí, pero me gusta más el chocolate.
3. A mi hermana no le gusta mucho.
4. Me gustaría ir al cine esta noche.
5. ¿Le gustó la película, señora Villa?
6. No nos gustaron las fresas.
7. Ya no me gustas.
8. Les gustamos mucho.

Translate to Spanish

1. I like strawberries. (with emphasis)
2. Do You-polite like chocolate?
3. My friends like chocolate a lot.
4. I’d like to learn more Spanish.
5. Did You-polite like the chocolate?
6. Yes, but I didn’t like the strawberries.
7. Do you like me, my love? (intimate you form)
8. Yes, my love.  I like you a lot.

*Use polite, professional form

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