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June 2004 ~ Spanish that Works Review

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New format makes course more accessible

The original Spanish that Works course is an 8 week workshop, available to libraries, schools, and courts as a reproducible kit.  Material is streamlined and specialty words are integrated with grammar structures.

The new version, entitled "Spanish that Works for You," is sold as individual kits. The new course uses generic words like "book" and "entrance" to explain grammar concepts. This basic course is then supplemented with a "specialty module" booklet. This format allows the course to be adapted to many new groups.

More detailed explanations, answer key, and audio support also make the new course more suitable for independent study. 

Videotapes of a Spanish that Works class taught for community television can be used to present the information for the new version, or to supplement one of the group workshops.

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Bee Bilingual!   Spanish that Works Lessons on Video

This four tape series, done live-to-tape for community television, covers each of the sixteen lessons in the basic course. Spanish that Works author and teacher Elizabeth Almann personally explains the structures presented in each lesson just as if you were sitting in class. 

Once you understand the basics, you can apply those concepts to your specialty module, and learn additional vocabulary specific to library, school & early childhood, court, or community (food & social words).

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Audio Support

The Spanish that Works for You course for individuals comes with two audio CD's, which include detailed information about how to use the course pronunciation guide, flashcards, dialogues, and sentence builders, in addition to the basic vocabulary and expressions used in the course. These CD's are not available at the online store, but may be purchased separately through special request.

There is also a special Library audio CD (included in both versions of the complete library course). The Library CD may be purchased separately for $10 and then reproduced for $5 per copy, on the honor system. The Library can be used along with the reproducible course kit, or with the shorter library intro workshop

The "Customer Service" audio CD may be also purchased separately at the online store.  This CD contains a more detailed explanation of Spanish pronunciation than the library CD.  

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