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About this Section

The Spanish that Works course teaches you the things, places, people, and actions words that are essential to basic communication in Spanish.  The course is highly effective because it is customized to fit the needs of a particular group, such as a library, school, or business.  Grammar is simplified and vocabulary is kept to a minimum, so you can focus on communication.

This page features mini-lessons which expand on the basic course and workshop materials.

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Spanish that Works is a creative, functional approach to basic communication in Spanish. Both the eight-week course and intro workshops may be run by organizations such as libraries, schools, businesses, or independent Spanish teachers. 

This page provides some follow-up information and activities for individuals and organizations that have used the
Spanish that Works materials.

  • Learn More Spanish!
   Lo que hay de nuevoOn this page you can find recommendations for supplemental learning materials such as music and magazines, as well as suggestions for how to improve your understanding and fluency in Spanish. 

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  • Reader Questions & Stories
   Siempre hay la música In this section you can read stories and get answers to questions about learning Spanish.

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  • Latino Info
   La persistencia de la memoriaHere you can find links to information about Spanish language, Latino culture, news, holidays and more.

Also on this page are internet resources for Spanish speakers in the United States, including sites with information about education, health, citizenship and immigration, migrant labor laws, the IRS, and more. 

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  • Words of the Month
   Prueba de su memoriaIn this section, you will find practical vocabulary word lists that expand on the material in the Spanish that Works basic course in practical communication.

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