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La palabra del mesWe want to hear from you! 

Do you have an interesting story to share about the trials and tribulations of learning Spanish or about using your Spanish for work or travel? 

Is there a product that you love that has helped you to learn Spanish that you would like to recommend to others? 

Is there anything about Spanish that you have always wanted to know, but were afraid to ask?


If you have an original short article or a grammar question that you would like to share with others, we want to see it!  If it is appropriate to the newsletter, we'll publish it on our website.

We can't pay you for your submission, but we do promise to send you a small token of our appreciation via email if your idea is accepted.

Please send your submission as an email (in html or plain text) to Elizabeth Almann at

Your article must be original, and the topic should be about learning or using Spanish. The length of the submission should be appropriate to the topic. 

Please include your name, place of work if a it is a work-related story, and your city and state, so we can give you proper credit when we publish your piece.  (We will use only the initials of your name, and if you prefer, we can just identify you as "reader," or by your profession.)

You can review other reader stories, "word of the month" lessons, and the current issue of the newsletter to get ideas about the kinds of things we've done before.  

Then let your creative juices flow!

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