video support

    Bee Bilingual! Spanish that Works Course on Video  
(reproducible for libraries, schools, and government)

For staff training

This four tape series, done live-to-tape for community television, covers each of the sixteen lessons in the Spanish that Works basic course. Spanish that Works author and teacher Elizabeth Almann personally explains the basic structures presented in each lesson just as if you were sitting in class. You can use the videotapes in conjunction with any of the Spanish that Works courses, either as outside class reinforcement, or for independent study. 

The videos can make the course more accessible to organizations that have not been able to use Spanish that Works because of geographical or staffing constraints. The tapes are not fancy or high tech, but you will see and hear the basic information as if you had your own private tutor. Libraries, schools, and city government organizations using Spanish that Works on a license basis may copy the videos, and may play the videos in a staff training situation. 

The videos present the basic concepts, using vocabulary examples applicable to a variety of customer service situations. Once you understand the basics, you can then apply those concepts to the specialty vocabulary from your course text (library, school, or court).

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